Throwback Monday: IPR Exclusive: Interview With Cody Quirk, Nevada CP Activist Seeking To Unite All Constitutionalist Parties

Right Wing Party News – Throwback Sunday – this time we’re travelling all the way back to the days of the Obama administration, January 9th, 2013, to one of my very first interviews for IPR -KL): To supplement an IPR article, published two days ago, that concerned the founding of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), I decided to conduct an interview with the founder of the organization, Cody Quirk. Mr. Quirk is an activist active in the Independent American Party of Nevada, the state affiliate of the Constitution Party. He says he wants CCTUC to work to unite all small right-wing constitutionalist parties and bring them under the Constitution Party banner.

Krzysztof Lesiak:

When did you decide to create CCTUC, and what is the stated purpose of that group?

Cody Quirk

I started the CCTUC this last November, on the 14th. It was something that had been on my mind for awhile long before the 2012 Election, however. I admit in the past that I have tried to talk to the other constitutionalist parties out there, yet back then the circumstances were much different, I was younger and therefore less politically experienced- so my previous efforts were rather half-hearted and amateurish,’ you could say. However, after the last election, the times and circumstances have changed greatly from before. The political situation in this country has gotten to be so desperate and unstable that I’m finally going to put my foot down and end the division that has existed nationally among constitutionalists and like-minded patriots in order to deal with the dire situation in our country once and for all. We can no longer tolerate division and infighting in our ranks; the decline of this great nation is rapidly speeding downhill, so we must all band together to put a stop to it- but that won’t happen until all the national and state parties that are both constitutionalist and principled-conservative unify under one banner; I’m a firm believer of that.

Krzysztof Lesiak

What are some of the parties that you seek to bring into the CP fold, and how do you exactly plan on accomplishing this task?

Cody Quirk

We are reaching out to several parties besides the Constitution Party; we have reached out to the National Independent American Party, the America First Party, the American Party of Florida (the American Party disbanded nationally some time ago, and only have a single state entity left), and several other lesser known minor constitutionalist parties, including the American Patriot Party, and several state Reform Party groups that are constitutionalist, or conservative, in their platform and beliefs. So far the National IAP has officially expressed interest in working towards a merger of the parties, and, in fact, since the National IAP also wants to cooperate better and work closer with the CP, I am actively helping their party on a few matters of their own while still an official member of the CP. The IAP leaders know this, but understand that I am helping them to better promote friendship and harmony between the CP and their party, while also giving support to their party in a way that is beneficial to the constitutionalist cause in general. I also have a few remaining members of the Florida AP that are supportive of our cause and have joined our facebook page a few weeks ago. The AFP leaders have expressed an interest in our efforts, yet sometimes they can be difficult to get in touch with. But likewise with the CP itself, many of its leaders and members, including a potential CP candidate for President in 2016, Robby Wells, have approached us and volunteered to help us as well, and so far many of them, including Mr. Wells, have contributed a great amount of their time and resources to the Clarion Call To Unite Committee, in which we are thankful for such assistance. However, that said, because of the ambitious nature of our goals, I cannot divulge much about the specifics of our negotiations and progress, since we are also being cautious and keeping an eye out for any attempts of sabotage and entryism. There was a previous group several years ago, which shared a similar name to ours, that attempted the same thing that we are trying, yet they were too open and public about their efforts, and within months the leader of this group (of whom I have had past correspondence with), suddenly ended his efforts, deleted his email account and went off the online grid, along with the group itself, that likewise disbanded. I found that suspicious then and still do, so this time around, we are being careful and semi-confidential in our efforts, and also have taken certain measures to combat any attempts to ruin or derail our efforts too.

RWPN: Read the rest of the interview here.


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